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What if you could…

Train your newbies better…

Fix unexpected problems faster…

Avoid hefty fines and fees…

Get your crews more 

organized and efficient… 

And relax...

(without a phone call?)

Does this sound like your kind of business?

November 3rd - Come See How You Can Achieve This
By Avoiding "The 5 Biggest Profit Killers in HDD"

At 11am ET / 8am PT with Peter Melsheimer,
Creator of the App Equappment

You know the routine ...

Your workers held up for hours over the silliest little thing...


Back-and-forth and back-and-forth to the warehouse to find "that" missing or broken part...


Entire crews standing around and jabbing it up while waiting for the simple "Go-ahead" from your foreman who's been stuck trying to make calls back to the office...


Random crew members and leaders shuffling and scattering (but never organizing) essential paperwork that would make any client cringe with fear that the job might not totally be under control...


I knew there had to be a better way, and I set out to find it. 


So, fast-forward five years from that moment...


It wasn't overnight and surely wasn't easy...


But finally, what you deserve is ready for prime time.  


Giving you back the time for important things - with your business and more importantly, your family.


Protecting your hard-earned profits and preventing the common setbacks that overshadow the job sites...


I’ve developed an app called Equappment, or EQ for short.


I built EQ specifically for HDD companies to help you run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

But there’s only one chance to hear how this all works. 

The presentation I’m giving is live, and it’s the first time I’ve talked about this stuff in a public forum, and I don’t know when I’ll have time to do it again. 


So save your seat and reserve your calendar:

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Concrete Wall

During this presentation I'll cover ...

✔️How to train new hires faster and more thorough, even if they have no experience in HDD


✔️The best ways to fix unexpected problems that happen out on a jobsite so you can get the crew back to the bore more quickly


✔️Tips for keeping a paper trail for all your compliance issues so you never have to scramble or worry if an inspector shows up at your business


✔️The key business components most HDD companies are missing that will help your crews work together better and finish the work more efficiently


And most importantly…


✔️Why you never have time to focus on growing your business and how to take back that time for yourself

And best of all ... It's free to join us!

Yes! I want to save my profits and learn how to make my HDD company better than ever!

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My name is Peter Melsheimer

In my thirty plus years of working in the HDD and utility construction industry, I got tired of seeing HDD companies waste time and money. I wanted to solve common problems like forgotten equipment and disorganized crews. That’s why I created a productivity app specifically for drillers to get organized and stay productive.  


As a 3rd generation owner of Melfred Borzall, the premier HDD tooling manufacturer for the past 77+ years, I have HDD in my blood, literally! Two years into my full-time career with Melfred Borzall I was on the road demonstrating the first HDD drill rig to contractors, utilities and municipalities around the country. Honestly, I didn't sell a lot of equipment, but I learned a ton about the business and got to see all the amazing new opportunities available because of HDD.

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Join us on November 3rd at 11am ET/8am PT. 

Nick A, MN

“The Equappment app has proven to be a valuable organizational tool in my business. Being able to track resources, monitor schedules, and keep projects on track, all in the palm of my hand in an easy-to-use package has been very helpful in my daily operations."
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Get Your 30-Day FREE Trial

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