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Utility Contractors:

No More Stitching Together Multiple Softwares Just To Complete The Job

Get Your Info, Data, and Docs
All In One Place

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Dig Different Magazine

"For utility contractors looking to streamline their operations, increase productivity and embrace technological advancements, Equappment is a solution worth considering."

And Recently Featured On The Underground Infrastructure Podcast To Discuss...

How Equappment is looking to enhance efficiency on job sites by streamlining equipment tracking, task coordination, and addressing the underground construction industry's distinct challenges.


No More Sifting Through Multiple Softwares...

Get the info, data and docs you need for any job, any time, anywhere, just a few taps away.

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No More Mind-Numbing Spreadsheets For Locate Tickets…

Know when locate tickets will expire, what tickets have expired, and what tickets are needed for the job in seconds.

No More Standing Around When ‘You Know What’ Hits The Fan…

Your crew can quickly access the information they need so they can solve the problem without coming to you.

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Grow Your Vision

No More Difficult Tech-Setups.
We Transfer The Data From Your Current Systems For You At No Extra Cost

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Don't just take our word for it ...

The Equappment app has proven to be a valuable organizational tool in my business. Being able to track resources, monitor schedules, and keep projects on track, all in the palm of my hand in an easy-to-use package has been very helpful in my daily operations.

- Nick Anderson, President

Anderson Underground, Sauk Rapids, MN

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No More Waiting In The Yard…

Get the right equipment, in the right place, at the right time.

No More Not Knowing Where The Job Is At

Get real progress in real time of what's happening on the job at this exact moment. Always know if you’re ahead of schedule, behind, or on-time.

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No More “How’s It Going” From The Clients…

Let them see themselves.

Quit taking client calls like this and instead take calls for new business.

No More Getting Behind On The Job

Reference soil conditions from past jobs and the Equappment community to get a jump start

on projects.

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No More "Where To Next Boss?"

The crew will know exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to adjust if something goes wrong on the job - all without asking you a single question.

No More “Sorry I Grabbed The Wrong Tool”...

No more crew members forgetting things on the job.

Eliminate excuses for good and get on with the job just like you planned.

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No More Nonsense…
Were You Hired To Do The Job Or Manage The Paperwork For The Job?

Have the right documentation from jobs when you need it

All information and data is logged onto one, easy-to-view place

Access equipment maintenance schedules anytime

Know exactly what resources are available for jobs

Client contacts stored all in one place

The crew knows exactly what tools to grab and can adjust on the fly if things change.

See the job progress in real time to update your clients whenever they ask

How Much Longer Are You Going To Deal With Paperwork All Over The Place?

The Answer Is "No More" When You Try Equappment Today For Free

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