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UI's Subsurface Stories Podcast Interviews Founder of Equappment, Peter Melsheimer

Link to UI's podcast here.

Underground Infrastructure recently interviewed Peter Melsheimer.

Peter is the founder of the utility construction management app Equappment and one of the owners of Melfred Borzall, Inc.

In this episode of Subsurface Stories, Peter describes how he got started in the HDD industry over 30 years ago, when he was one of the first to demonstrate the process of Horizontal Directional Drilling and the incredible opportunities it would bring.

Peter then talks about how the idea and inspiration for Equappment first came to him; why he decided to build this new digital tool; and how it can help the small to medium size utility contractors be more efficient and profitable during a time when the industry is exploding.

Listen to the podcast here, or on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Thank you Underground Infrastructure for the opportunity to share a bit of our Founder's story!


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