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Your 30-Day Free Trial Has Begun.

STEP 1 - Install App

  • Use Equappment from any browser (like Chrome, Edge, Safari) by going to app.equappment.com
  • If you have an iPhone or iPad, download and install Equappment from the Apple App Store

Currently Equappment is only available for Apple iOS devices and as a web app through any browser.

STEP 2 - Log In

  • Log in to Equappment with the same credentials you used to create your account

STEP 3 - Add Equipment

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  • Go to the Equipment feature and touch the "+" in upper right corner
  • Enter details about the equipment that are important to you and your crew
  • Equipment is sorted on the list screen by the "Equipment ID" field
  • Take pictures of your piece of equipment to help identify it
  • All fields are searchable from the equipment list screen. Ex: search on "excavator" to find all equipment with excavator included in any of the fields
  • Use the import tool to quickly add your entire fleet of equipment into Equappment.

STEP 4 - Add Crewmembers

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  • Go to the Crew feature and touch the "+" in upper right corner
  • Enter crew member name and contact info
  • Add skills and certifications that are important to know when assigning to a job
  • Add any other details you want. Maybe their start date or birthday
  • Take a picture of the crew member for easy identification

STEP 5 - Add Jobs

Jobs icon.jpg
  • Go to the Jobs feature and touch the "+" in upper right corner
  • Enter a title for the job and job ID. These will be displayed on the Job Schedule
  • Select or add the Client that the job is being done for
  • Add the Start Date and End Date for the job
  • Include any other details about the job in the Description field
  • Select "Next" in the upper right corner
  • Enter the location of the job by entering an address or intersection in the search field; or drop a pin at the location on the map
  • Select "Next" in the upper right corner. Select the equipment that will be used on this job
  • For each piece of equipment, choose the job's default start and end dates, or select custom dates
  • The dates selected will impact if the equipment is shown as available or unavailable for other jobs
  • Select "Next" in the upper right corner. Here you will see the Checklists that are automatically created once equipment is added to the job
  • Create a custom checklist for other materials, safety gear, and tools that you want to be sure are taken to the job site
  • Select "Next" in the upper right corner. Choose the crew or crew members that will be assigned to this job
  • Select "Next" in the upper right corner. You can now output a Job Report by selecting "Share a Report"
  • Finally, save this as a "Bid" if you have not been awarded the job; or save as a "Job"

STEP 6 - Invite Users

Invite to App.jpg
  • Equappment is most powerful when more employees and crew members have access to the app and the information it contains
  • To invite a crew member to be a user on the app, first add them as a Crewmember.
  • Then, select them from the crew member listing and select "Invite to App". They will receive an email with links to download and install Equappment and log in

We are here to help you!

Helpful Instructions and Videos - help.equappment.com
Email Help - support@equappment.com
Live Person Help - 805.316.1383 (voice or text)